Workshop for women: "Sacredness and Energy"

In a space of joy, spontaneity and frankness, through guided exercises (breathing, meditation, dance, touch...) it is possible to contact the vital energy that permeates and animates your lives. You are asked to consciously experiment the Feminine Sacred Being you are. You come to discover, in the presence of the other; you come to live the encounter of body and soul; you come to explore with delightment.

More specifically, what is it all about? It is a question of permitting ourselves to enter a new space, a space for self-observation, a global space of openness to transformation.
The workshop provides a privilege interval to favour the emergence of the feminine sacred energy in order for it to spread, invade and heal you of wounds and taboo. Your body is a sacred temple through which you will live the encounter with your self, the other, without fusion or fear, using guided exercises, slow and active conscious breathing, dances, body movements, meditations, warm touch, sensual but not sexual. You are invited to give and receive in a space of beauty, with frankness, in an awakening on the senses, in a sacred encounter, in order to celebrate life, soul, body...all the while witnessing, without judgement, unsuspected bursts of awareness. You will bring the energy into movement, will connect it to your body, heart and soul in the Presence, here and now; you will balance your feminine and masculine aspects, while living in a spontaneous joy devoid of any guilt. In such workshops emerge sudden awareness and, sometimes, fears and wounds; during exchange periods that follow every experimentation, a great care will be given to everyone so they may express whatever has come up...and this in the utmost respect. You will succeed in "being" instead of "doing", while in the presence on another person.
Off we go...towards ecstasy!