Decoding illnesses


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Energetical Techniques


People arrive in the office with illnesses, repetitive patters or personal, professional or financial failures and my first aim is always to understand what could have brought them to experience this. I often start by explaining how our brain sometimes manages long periods of stress or intense shocks and that, from the moment we are conceived, and how it responds at best as it can to insure our survival.

“Decoding” a sickness means understanding what is has to say; it means interesting myself to its psychosomatic aspect: the link between body and mind. In fact, any physiological, psychological or other dysfunction is simply a symptom of a “un-dealt with” disequilibrium at the emotional level; it is like a light on your dashboard pressing you to pay attention.

I encourage my patients to understand the links between their thoughts, emotions, brain and cells. I look at their life shocks and those of their parents and ancestors. They discover how the manner in which their parents lived the 27 month period around birth, programs their behaviours and sicknesses; they also realize that ancestral “un-dealt with” shocks have an impact in their life.