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The Family Constellations simply reveal the manner in which we are unconsciously related to our family and proposes a radically unprecedented way to free ourselves from it, without breaking away. What often emerges is that we are not living our "script" of life but often that of an important and loved family member. We feel pushed to walk "in the boots" of another member of the family, to follow him in his misfortune, to deprive oneself like him, etc...The reason we do this is that our need to belong to a group (first our family) constitute a strong unconscious survival drive of our actions. As a small child, to be expelled from our family would have been the worse thing that could have happened; we therefore model ourselves to its unconscious expectations: to not be expelled and to survive in the eyes of our parents, we are ready to do anything - even, paradoxically, to die!

If our need is to form a harmonious couple, to succeed in our profession, to restore a bond with a family member, to take our place in life, to emerge from a suicidal depression, to have the right to be rich, etc...this therapy allows to heal from sufferings related to hidden dynamics that link us to our family (expulsion, reject, crime, incest, early death of children, unconfessed love affairs, bitter setback, abuse, injustice, loss of fortune, death of a woman during labour...). By bringing into play the family system, using strangers, light is shed, thus permitting to repair the fidelity and unconscious debts linking all these members. These invisibles links paralyse our lives et prevent us from walking towards our goals and to fulfil ourselves.

$200 to do your constellation
$30 to be a representative ($60 if the workshop lasts two days)
$10 to be a representative once you have done a constellation with me